We watched meteors the entire night.                                                                You have to, because the teacher said to.


marry me a poor man

smothering you in nectar’s regular burl

of the seas during dark purple squalls .

what perfect script it could give the gulps

of air keeping us well there . of our lip press

confess tell-all suggest shelter and or storm

our hidden form smeared -edited- re-checked .

bound each to each eating the peach clerkly

quirky in receipt .  iou . yom . print be fecked

we can’t be billed for living in each others heads .

1 Corinthians 12:18–26

if religion were like a vagina. i’d ask for a second one, or something near to it. the second one i could dick about with sunday mornings    or set aside for special time during the week. i would try my best         to be proud of it -the first one- but most likely, not allowed. that’s where the second one might come in handy as an opinion changer.

not sure about having to show it off. camel-toe                                                     is not accidental. i saw someones mumbles                                                              the other day. felt like shouting                                                                                       -hey lady put your demigod away.                                                                               it wasn’t advertising, more pushing.                                                                       but when it comes to vaginas                                                                                        it’s no pushing; no children.

vaginas have a law all of their own. a woman told me, more than    once:  “the writing is on the wall”.                                                                             am still trying to figure how she got it up there.                                                  if she had a penis it would read bold. i suppose.

the wind it wind

Batten down all hatches warmth rolling in snatches
Bones feeling owned coming in from the cold cajón-ed
Coming in from the cold avoir froid aux pieds Birr

Hope that line was gas oh heating I’ll always always
Love you solid fuel this strangest meter featuring
Such pressure by the by dam Russians willingly lever
Who want to hear the  bear shout or shite in the pines
Going Bow Wow ’tis dangerous stuff  this huff ‘n puff
Too much snuff not enough sniff clever sure to shed
Some light winding up stiff re-trying riffs sparking
Off rifts where there no cliffs just sheer faces jaysus
Glowing in the burn off hot races well oiled spacers
Re-fusing embraces whistling vapid escapee wasters
Scolded ding ding another round another bill swift
Right past us blast us dashed thus from credit bust
Hard won as well a rent taken this few cent per day
If not mistaken full cosy living room in the hall draft
Bed room well body temp. drop all is relative, chill a bit
But don’t sleep with them home spun sedatives never
Handle what’s ahead of us instead us with suss suss ssss s
Pay as we go in the advance flanks ‘n exterminates toastie
And in case you’re nosey since the start of last fucked over
Or there aborts me and my cohorts have so far spent
Euro in chronological order:
• Payment 1: 130
• Payment 2: 75
• Payment 3: 45
• Payment 4: 50 (coinciding with electricity)
• Payment 5: 120 (its Christmas time)
•   Phil Taylor: 180!!!


Woke early with the bladder in need

of emptying

farted to see if i was alive a reassuring

act committed

since i can remember when. Lying there

too comfortable

and too lazy to move, but the piss

always wins.

Nothings wrong with colour i pass

colossus like

over the porcelain ignoring what

I’ve read and heard.

Men should pee sitting down

better overall

for the bladder and makes sure

we don’t miss.

I don’t miss. I  never miss

even with

the seat down. Taking pride in

my accuracy.

Summer 2007 (four seasons in one day)

The homeless

The hapless

The helpless

The hopeless

The whole mess

The pull through

The lucky few

The me and you

The how to

The scumbag cunts

Cold Fronts Blowing In Off Dublin Bay

The make hay

The whole day

The moolah in the paw

The hoopla

The long shift

The short lift

The publicity stunts

The lack of zest

The roman catholic mess

The ahh bless

Cold fronts blowing in off Dublin Bay


The vast array

The lost

The found

The hanging around

The stacked like runts

The messed hair

The damp new pair

The necessary repair

The “see what your man is fucking charging”

Cold fronts blowing in off Dublin Bay

The corrupt politician

The proposition

The propositioned

The lack of opposition

The yes please

The pay freeze

The covered knees mid-riff and breasts (shame really)

The last year was best

The wet lunch inn

The where do you begin

Cold fronts blowing in off Dublin bay

The you shudda been up early like me

The sunrise was amazing

The driving rain

The dull pain

The same wet weekend

The Mac hat and brolly

The wheels right off the trolley

The poor abandoned Molly

The aquaplaning lorry

The smelly duffel coat from 1977

Cold fronts blowing in off Dublin Bay

The circus

The circuit

The taking the biscuit

To heck and risk it

The blink and miss it -that’s the sun son-

The slippery cobbles concrete

The floating debris

The misery the misery the misery

The misery

The think I’ll hit the bunk y’know ignore

Cold fronts blowing in off Dublin Bay

The ecstatic river Liffey

The endless cup of tea


The isobar

The poor cow and farmer

The end is nigh alarmer

The airplane in the sky is out to harm you

The sore arm in countless bars and sure you could refill                            jars out a windaw

The wishing I was a duck: great weather for me and the flock

The memory of “get out in that, ye are not made of sugar                          ye won’t melt”

In these cold fronts blowing in off Dublin Bay.

sound wrote down