I WANT (MORE cut ‘n paste poetry)


I want

I want

I want

I want the rain to stop

I want to constantly shop

I want a want that consumes and focuses

I want my mind to mind to care so as to build

I want to share

I want a massive cock

I want the government to S T O P

I want them accounted for in ledgers

I want to piss on ’em at their wakes

I want to burn them at the stake

I want to end austerity

I want what went before

I want a new prosperity

I want something more

I want better for sure

I want to sing ship to shore

I want it all replaced

I want to get made out of my face

I want Drum ‘N Bass

I want to run that race

I want it as our saving grace

I want to live in a land of calm

I want salve and balm

I want to put my feet up

I want to burl in the sea during a dark purple storm

I want to break free

I want no slavery

I want no drudgery

I want a pet budgie

I want to visit Bart’s pet shop

I want whats going cheap

I want to ignore bleating sheep

I want to count them in my sleep

I want all taken down from their perches

I want a brand new pair of breeches

I want to hide my mistakes

I want to do what it takes

I want to up the stakes

I want to take it in my stride

I want to say for fuck snakes

I want some Magic Cake

I want to take it to the streets

I want it in the broad sheets

I want big fat beats

I want to dance where music and electricity meets

I want

I want

I want



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