Been a fool for love
Been a fool for Christ
Been a fool for poetry
Been a fool for money
Been a fool for blow
-Yeah, some little inner
City prick sold me a bit
Of briquette- been a
Fool for ever and a day

Been a fool every which way
Been a fool for the juice
Been a fool in the dark
Been garrotted on a promise
That’s a polite way of saying
Been made a fucking fool of

Been a fool for not asking her out
Been a fool for asking her to stay
Been a fool for telling the truth
Been a fool for taking the punch
Been a fool for not looking before
Having a piss

Been a fool in primary school
But that is allowed. To be
A fool again, and be asked
Riddle me this, or supposing
Supposing three men were frozen.
What about thirty sick sheep
Going out a gap. Such fun
Been a fool

To be a fool fit for a King
Been a fool sometimes
Gets you through it
Other times not at all
And if Ignorance is bliss
I’m breaking even: such thinking
Is a fool’s salve

Been a fool 24/7/365
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin’ alive. Stayin’ alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin’ alive.
The fool knows how to jive
Blessed is the fool
He shall not err in the fashion
With any luck the fool will say
Fooled Ya something smashing.



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