the wind it wind

Batten down all hatches warmth rolling in snatches
Bones feeling owned coming in from the cold cajón-ed
Coming in from the cold avoir froid aux pieds Birr

Hope that line was gas oh heating I’ll always always
Love you solid fuel this strangest meter featuring
Such pressure by the by dam Russians willingly lever
Who want to hear the  bear shout or shite in the pines
Going Bow Wow ’tis dangerous stuff  this huff ‘n puff
Too much snuff not enough sniff clever sure to shed
Some light winding up stiff re-trying riffs sparking
Off rifts where there no cliffs just sheer faces jaysus
Glowing in the burn off hot races well oiled spacers
Re-fusing embraces whistling vapid escapee wasters
Scolded ding ding another round another bill swift
Right past us blast us dashed thus from credit bust
Hard won as well a rent taken this few cent per day
If not mistaken full cosy living room in the hall draft
Bed room well body temp. drop all is relative, chill a bit
But don’t sleep with them home spun sedatives never
Handle what’s ahead of us instead us with suss suss ssss s
Pay as we go in the advance flanks ‘n exterminates toastie
And in case you’re nosey since the start of last fucked over
Or there aborts me and my cohorts have so far spent
Euro in chronological order:
• Payment 1: 130
• Payment 2: 75
• Payment 3: 45
• Payment 4: 50 (coinciding with electricity)
• Payment 5: 120 (its Christmas time)
•   Phil Taylor: 180!!!


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