1 Corinthians 12:18–26

if religion were like a vagina. i’d ask for a second one, or something near to it. the second one i could dick about with sunday mornings    or set aside for special time during the week. i would try my best         to be proud of it -the first one- but most likely, not allowed. that’s where the second one might come in handy as an opinion changer.

not sure about having to show it off. camel-toe                                                     is not accidental. i saw someones mumbles                                                              the other day. felt like shouting                                                                                       -hey lady put your demigod away.                                                                               it wasn’t advertising, more pushing.                                                                       but when it comes to vaginas                                                                                        it’s no pushing; no children.

vaginas have a law all of their own. a woman told me, more than    once:  “the writing is on the wall”.                                                                             am still trying to figure how she got it up there.                                                  if she had a penis it would read bold. i suppose.


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