This spin is eternal and ever growing
 The recitals to be heard is a harvest
 Reaped from Dublin’s city.
 There I’ve hid my poems
 Behind park benches, window sills
 In coffee stops, at meeting squares
 Even under her cobbled streets.
 Sharing space with dead vikings
 And the blood of martyrs.  They wait
 Soaked in the phlegm of the common man.
 Buried in the filth scattered by the mob
 They pulsate.  Hibernating.  Primed to rush
 By the muse that enlivens: a salve’s smear
 Eyeballing the posse of knowing.  Anointing all.
 Making fly.  Sourced from the ether streaming
 Blessed things.  Lifting skirts, knocking crowns
 From heads and tales.  Insistent.
 To fill the void they’ll come.
 By faith I hear them…

Impure Genius

  • How much, how much is guinness
    giving the arts saint Bridget asked
    as her shite turned black. Afraid to look
    o’re her shoulder for fear the dark
    demon would pick a space well
    lased on her spine between the blades.
    Close enough to her neck to breathe
    down ceaselessly, gracelessly, carelessly
    instruction and contracts.
    Small print hiding them facts. Facts
    like the few inches between a kick
    in the hole and a clap on the back.

    There you go so, sir and madam; a stout
    promise from makers of the brew a hue
    macadam. This road a road well well rode
    and traveled. Drink it up, drink it in with a brother
    and sister from another mother. Or, fight
    for a teat ignoring the weak. Like there is no tomorrow.
    You beg, they borrow: now all is sorrow in your place
    of worship.  Ahhh…  is it worth it’s weight in flesh
    as you flash, crash, wallop a loaded logo
    all agog with the go go.


You know with the handy few bob from me

the dole along with the medical card and rent

money sure you’d be getting the guts of 600


Well why don’t you give me the guts

of 600: keep a man honest


He then looks at you

like you interfered with his children

Prayer To Our Patron

As I arise today,
may the strength of Guinness pilot me,
the power of Guinness uphold me,
the wisdom of Guinness guide me.
May the eye of Guinness look before me,
the ear of Guinness hear me,
the word of Guinness speak for me.
May the hand of Guinness protect me,
the way of Guinness lie before me,
the shield of Guinness defend me,
the host of Guinness save me.
May Guinness shield me today, Christ.
My goodness, my Guinness.
Guinness with me, Guinness before me,
Guinness behind me,
Guinness in me, Guinness beneath me,
Guinness above me,
Guinness on my right, Guinness on my left,
Guinness when I lie down, Guinness when I sit,
Guinness when I stand,
Guinness in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Guinness in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Guinness in every eye that sees me,
Guinness in every ear that hears me.
Amen, hic.

sound wrote down